The In-Line K-9™ Nose Work Approach, Training Methodology & Benefits


Focused & Comprehensive team Development with superior results


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Developing a strong foundation that is pivotal to team success at all levels while educating the handler and informing solid decision-making and a thorough understanding of the dog and canine communication.



Ensuring that team skills are developed at both ends of the leash, enabling higher canine drive and keeping teams motivated to search larger, more complex areas over a greater period of search time with less effort and greater confidence.

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Challenging both the canine and the handler at the appropriate level, providing opportunities to search in diverse environments while offering targeted reinforcement leading to stronger team performance, bonding, trust and positive experiences.


Here are some words from a few of our happy teams...

“Roxanne has enabled me to develop a far more meaningful relationship with my dog through Nose Work.  I feel as though I am getting a glimpse into my dog’s world of which I was previously unaware.  As my dog enters her golden years, Nose Work has proven to be the perfect “thinking dog’s game” and counterpoint to the athletic years of her youth.  Roxanne has a highly developed ability and keen eye for seeing subtleties in canine behavior that are crucial for understanding our dog’s experience in the world.  Roxanne’s classes are well thought out and packed with new and different challenges for both the dog and handler; designed for both competitive and non-competitive participants in the sport of Nose Work.”
— Jen with Piper
Piper enjoying one of our field trip classes.

Piper enjoying one of our field trip classes.

“Roxanne can read a dog like no other, then translate the K9 body language into terms we can understand.  My sweet but insecure girl has gained so much confidence from Roxanne’s classes and I have learned to appreciate my furry friend even more.  An absolute win-win experience for us both.”
— Nancy with Sandy & Buddy
Sandy knows the spot at our Uber-Vehicles event!

Sandy knows the spot at our Uber-Vehicles event!

“Roxanne’s nose work class is Keeper’s favorite subject. There is no denying that when his searching harness and collar go on, he has only one agenda: To find the hide and win the prize.  Roxanne is developing and enhancing Keeper’s skills for the search in a positive environment where every class leaves Keeper wanting more. Keeper and I are also growing as a team. As a handler I have learned to observe and read the subtle and important cues from my dog; his breathe, head turns and search patterns. He has matured through these classes and for a sight hound he has become very smell happy. Keeper has connected with nose work and he shines every time he gets to play at finding the hides.”
— Maureen with Keeper & Ketch
Keeper building his skill set in weekly classes.

Keeper building his skill set in weekly classes.